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Recent Network Management News:

The Routing Resilience Manifesto

The Internet Society (ISOC) published a so-called Routing Resilience Manifesto. Comcast joins ISOC and other network operators in calling for community action on this subject, and joining us to support this Manifesto.

Primarily, adoption of the Routing Resilience Manifesto requires that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) filter routing announcements received from their customer networks explicitly at the “prefix” level. Comcast has been employing this method for at least the past several years and expects neighboring networks to do the same.

Additionally, the Routing Resilience Manifesto calls for networks to take steps to prevent network spoofing, which is central to curtailing many amplification and/or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks take advantage of the fact that some networks have not taken steps to prevent network address spoofing. Comcast takes several steps to prevent network spoofing, and a list of FAQs on subject can be found here.

Finally, the Manifesto asks that ISPs maintain usable contact information and coordination capability for real-time troubleshooting between network operators, to which Comcast is also committed. We hope that other ISPs will adopt the guidance in the Routing Resilience Manifesto in order that we may improve the stability and reliability of the Internet upon which we all depend.

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