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Network Management Trial

The company announced in March 2008 that it will switch to a new network management technique by the end of the year for managing bandwidth use and congestion. This new technique does not look at particular protocols or applications. Instead, it will focus on the bandwidth consumption activity of individual customers who are contributing to congestion on Comcast's network. The technique measures only aggregate bandwidth consumption, not the protocol or content being used by customers.

The first step for using this new network management technique is to run a trial of the technology in a market of Comcast High-Speed Internet customers. The trial will allow Comcast to better understand how this technique works in a "real world" setting. It will also let the company try different settings and learn from trial results in order to fine tune this new technique so Comcast can deliver the best online experience possible for all of its customers.

Comcast is currently running trials of this network management technique in the areas of Chambersburg, PA, Warrenton, VA. We recently announced an expansion of our Network Management trial to Lake City, FL and East Orange, FL and Colorado Springs, CO.

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