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How Does The New Network Management Technique Work?

The new network management technique is designed to ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that all Comcast High-Speed Internet customers have fair and equal access to the Internet and to bandwidth resources. Without it, some customers would experience poor performance – for example, slow access to e-mail, sluggish web surfing, or low quality streaming audio and video – during periods of network congestion.

Most customers will notice little to no change in their Internet experience when the new network management technique is working to help deliver a consistent, excellent online experience. The new network management technique will result in delayed response times for Internet traffic only for those customers who are using more than their fair share of available Internet resources at the time. The network management technique manages those customers' Internet traffic until their usage falls below established bandwidth usage thresholds or until network congestion ends.

During this trial, Comcast will learn more about how this network management technique will affect customers. Comcast expects that network management will only affect a small percentage of users during periods of network congestion, while ensuring an excellent online experience for the vast majority of our users.

We will provide periodic updates on this webpage on our trials and our progress in transitioning to this new network management technique.

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